Thursday, 17 May 2012

Food Revolution Day: TIME TO SAVE THE WORLD

Did you know that diet-related diseases kill more people than smoking, alcohol abuse and drugs combined? Did you know that 43 million kids around the world are obese? Did you know that some states in America class pizza as a vegetable?

Awareness of just how bad some foods can be for us is well behind the curve. We ban smoking adds, make drugs illegal and offer help to alcoholics. We teach children not to smoke in school, warn them against drugs and very rarely give them beer as a reward for good marks.

And yet when it comes to food, we do nothing. We don't even teach them how to cook any more. How is it 1 in 10 kids regularly smoke by the age of 15, but have never cooked a meal from scratch?

That's what Food Revolution Day wants to change. We need to get food education back in schools, families cooking healthy meals from scratch again, and governments supporting those with bad eating habits to change. How do we do that? We start at home - we do those things. We teach our sons, daughters, nephews, nieces, friends, family and sworn enemies to cook. Then we ask schools to do more - we write letters, we complain, we enthuse the kids, we sign up to initiatives such as the Kitchen Garden Project. Then we kick Gove out of office at the next possible opportunity and get and party and MP in who recognises not just the importance of school food, but the importance of recognising when your predecessor has done something good - such as introducing standards for school food (thank you Labour).

For more advice, go to Food Revolution Day's website and get involved in one of the events happening in 500 cities around the world. I'll be blogging and tweeting about it all weekend. So either block me or get involved.

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